How to Choose the Right Photo Printer

The quality of physical photographs relies largely on the quality of the printer so if your printer isn’t good, you can be sure your photograph won’t be as sharp and clean as it appears on your camera viewfinder or computer screen. If you want good quality prints, you need to choose the printer carefully.


  1. Ink: quality and number of cartridges


There are two types of ink cartridges used in photo printers and they here’s what you need to know about them:


  • Colouring agents-based inks – These are more affordable because they’re just colouring agents mixed with water. While they are suitable for regular printing and you can get good quality pictures from them, they’re not light-resistant and will eventually fade.
  • Pigmentbased inks – These inks are more expensive but they’re also light-resistant, vivid, and will last for a long time. These cartridges also have a higher colour gamut, which makes for better pictures.


  1. Printing accuracy


Printing accuracy depends largely on the size of the droplets and how well they’re applied onto the sheet of paper. Some printers have a standard value of 4,800 x 2,400 dpi and others 2,880 x 1,440 dpi. The latter offers better printing accuracy, but the difference is only noticeable if you look closely at the pictures.


  1. Printing size


Most people choose printers based on the maximum printing size. Brands offer printers that can print up to A4, A3, A3+, A2, and roll printing for panoramas and other such pictures. You need to choose printers that can print the size you’re likely to sell or need more often.


  1. Brands


When it comes to photo printers, most people have to choose between Canon and Epson. Canon is more expensive but provides better quality pictures while Epson is more affordable and still provides good quality pictures.


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